plasma cutters

For the excellent combination of quality cuts, fast cutting speed, and cost efficiency, plasma cutting is the answer and at Renttech SA, we have the best plasma cutters available. Our plasma cutting range is made of plasma cutters of two creditable brands – Hypertherm and UNIarc.

Hypertherm plasma cutters always achieve remarkable end results. With the addition of SmartSYNC™ torches, you will be able to save time, eliminate setup errors, and do a whole lot more.

SmartSYNC™ torches

The SmartSYNC™ torches with the Hypertherm cartridge automatically set the correct amperage and operating mode. This puts an end to setup errors and their end-of-life detection feature lets the operator know when it’s time to change the cartridge. The torches are engineered for rugged, industrial environments and the SpringStart™ technology ensures consistent starting and a more reliable torch. The benefits and features of the SmartSYNC™ torches are endless. It is a must-have. A legendary tool.
smartsync torches 1
CUT_803 1

The UNIarc™ plasma cutting

The UNIarc™ plasma cutting range is the best combination of quality assured manufacturing at a reasonable price. The different plasma cutters are designed for the job site or workshop. The pilot arc system offers cut quality with simple operation and optimal cutting speeds when combined with the required torch. Whether cutting gratings or plates, the pilot arc system keeps the arc stable for effortless cutting. The UNIarc plasma cutting inverters also offer 2T/4T functionality, as well as CNC interface as standard for integration onto your plasma table.


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