Renttech SA is a leading supplier of unmatched gas cutting and welding equipment. We offer a broad and exclusive range of gas-cutting equipment from esteemed brands like Harris and UNIarc. From torches, flashbacks, and regulators to many other gas-cutting accessories, we have everything you need to complete your gas-cutting kit.

You can choose from a multi-stage extra heavy duty; single stage heavy duty and or single-stage medium duty oxygen regulators in our Harris metal worker range which is exclusive to Renttech SA. These can be coupled with our supreme flashback arrestors and cutting torches. We also have acetylene regulators varied according to the aforementioned stages.

acetylene cutting tips

In addition, our gas cutting, and gouging products come with alternative fuel and acetylene cutting tips so your welding process can be cost-efficient and effective while still acquiring the best end results.

‘y’ connections

Our gas equipment also includes ‘Y’ connections; cutting nozzles; triple flint lighters; nozzle cleaners; hoses; clamps and our specialist cutting equipment which are straight line cutters and Hancock pipe cutters.


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