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Dear Valued Renttech Customer,

The World Health Organisation has commended the South African government for acting swiftly and for following scientific advice to delay the spread of the Covid-19 virus with the implementation of the 5-week lockdown 26 March – 30 April 2020. However, despite the fact that the nationwide lockdown has to date proven to be effective in containing the spread of the coronavirus, it cannot be sustained indefinitely. We all need to earn a living, and companies need to be able to produce and to trade, in order to generate revenue and keep their people employed.

Renttech SA has therefore decided that, in accordance with President Ramaphosa’s level 4 lockdown announcement on 23 April, the company will begin a gradual and phased return to commercial operation. 

In line with this decision – and in the interests of our valued customers and staff - we will be returning to trading with a responsible and risk-adjusted approach, which will see all our branches nationwide opening on Tuesday 5 May. However, it should be noted that factors such as trading hours and staffing will be determined on a case-by-case basis, in line with operational requirements.

With effect from Tuesday 5 May, customers wishing to gain entry to any of our premises nationwide will be required to do the following:

  1. Customers will be required to produce a CIPC certificate; or alternatively to produce a letter from their company if they fall under a trust.
  2. Customers will be required to wear a face mask when entering our premises, and for the duration of the time they are inside our premises.
  3. Customers will be required to sanitise before and when leaving our premises.
  4. Customers entering our premises will be required to practice social distancing (1.5 metres apart from one another) and when interacting with our staff members.
  5. Customers entering our premises will be required to fill in a Covid-19 medical questionnaire.
  6. Customers entering our premises will be required to submit to a temperature reading which will be done by a designated Renttech staff member using an infrared thermometer.

Branch preparation:

Customers should please note that the entrance and reception areas of all our branches will be display clear notices giving information regarding the above Covid-19 health and safety measures; as well as sanitisation stations and demarcated areas for customers to queue in a socially-distant manner at sales counters. The above measures are being taken to ensure that all health protocols and social distancing requirements – as prescribed by the regulations of the Disaster Management Act are duly observed.

Customers are welcome to discuss any queries in respect of the above with branch management or with designated safety and compliance staff at each branch.

‘Keep on keeping on’ – and keeping the faith

As a nation, the past few weeks of the level 5 lockdown have been extremely tough, and have also demanded every ounce of faith and perseverance which we have. We applaud all those in the public and private sector who are currently engaged in fighting the pandemic, including our valued staff and you, our valued customers. Thank you for ‘keeping on’, and for pushing through this unprecedented time – and for your continued courage in the days to come, as we progress through level 4 to the less restrictive levels of the lockdown, and so onto life after lockdown.

On behalf of my management and staff, we would also like to thank each and every one of you, for your loyal support of Renttech and the premium brands and quality products we provide. We remain wholeheartedly committed to standing by you with the same levels of integrity, customer service excellence and loyalty which we are known for during this challenging time. We thank you most sincerely for your understanding and continued support. 

Best Regards


Duncan Whitehead
Managing Director


45 000

Items to rent

43 000

kva Generator power



600 000

kg welding consumables moved

785 000

Welding amps

650 000

welding amps sold



For expert rental or sales of welding, lifting and rigging equipment, since 1991, Renttech South Africa Pty Ltd, a company within the Bidvest Group’s Commercial Products division,has been South Africa's leading supplier of industrial generators, electrical power tools, welding consumables and construction-related equipment. When Bidvest acquired Renttech some two years ago, it acquired a company which had a sound business and customer base. Successfully building on this, Renttech's new leadership has invested in further streamlining and realignment of the company's business model and strategic objectives.

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